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Economic Resiliency Learning Lab

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Our Team

Who Supports Learning Labs?

The Economic Resiliency Learning Lab team includes experts from the AIR family of companies.

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The Economic Resiliency Learning Lab leadership team includes:

the profile photo of Samia Amin Samia Amin

Samia Amin is the director of AIR’s Workforce Development practice. She is passionate about accelerating evidence-driven innovation in the public sector using research, behavioral insights, human-centered design, rapid-cycle learning, and evaluation. She brings over 17 years of experience helping government agencies, nonprofits, and foundations identify strategic priorities, co-create new pilot programs or service design improvements, and test whether they work.

the profile photo of Beth Brinly Beth Brinly

Throughout her career, Beth Brinly has demonstrated her passion for ensuring the workforce system is trusted partner and a hand extended to individual and business customers. She works at the nexus of education, economic development and workforce development. Her work has proven time and again how these efforts not only transform lives, companies and workers; but positively impact future generations and communities. Beth is a change agent, embracing human centered design principles and innovation via partnerships across government, business, and community organizations in collaboration with customers.

the profile photo of Trent Sharp Trent Sharp

Trent Sharp is a senior consultant at AIR. He is passionate about working with others to foster social and digital equity through community-based collective impact, spatial analytics, human-centered design, and storytelling. He brings over 21 years of experience teaching, bootstrapping innovative programs, opening and leading new schools, and mobilizing research–practice partnerships to improve access and opportunity.